Powerful non surgical liposuction that reduces body fat and cellulite whilst tightening skin.

We all have problem areas that we would like to change and sometimes no matter how often you exercise, there are some parts of your body that will not budge. 3D Lipo treatment could be your answer to removing the excess body weight you have always wanted, it is the perfect alternative to going under the knife.

3D Lipo treatment is cost effective, non invasive and a perfectly natural way to destroy fat cells, effective on any problem part of your body.

The treatment works in 4 different ways:

  • Cavitation – ultrasound is used to rupture fat cells in problem areas
  • Cryolipolysis – fat cells are frozen which destroys them
  • Radio Frequency – produces new collagen to provide tighter looking skin
  • Dermalogy – drains away useless fat cells

At Reena´s Nail & Beauty Salon, our lipo treatments take an hour but we advise a course of 8 weeks to see the best results.

Appointments are necessary for this treatment so give our salon a call on 07943 388272 to avoid disappointment.