A cosmetic treatment that is similar to a tattooing technique which involves using a handheld tool to create hair strokes whilst adding semi permanent pigment to your existing brows.

This pigment penetrates to the epidermis which is the upper layer of the skin.

Tattooing your brows can be unrealistic and unattractive, fading into an unnatural blue/grey colour over time. It is also permanent as the ink impregnates into the dermis which is the second layer of skin.

However, microblading is less invasive and is considered as semi permanent even though the effects can last between 1 and 3 years depending on your skincare routine and skin type.

Microblading can enhance the shape and definition of your eyebrows, contouring your face and making your brows look more natural.

Eyebrows can completely transform the look of any face. As we get older, our eyebrows thin out and our arch´s tend to disappear. Whether you have no brows, ultra faint eyebrows or have lost your brows to some kind of illness, microblading can help you create naturally full brows that will be custom coloured to your natural brow colour.

At Reena´s Nail & Beauty salon, with the help of our microblading service, your face will be transformed. We will first of all draw brows onto your face to see how you feel about your new look, once happy we can proceed with the cosmetic treatment.

If you are younger there is no need to panic, microblading does not seem to affect the natural hair growth of your eyebrows.

Touch up treatment can be done to alter the shape or colour of your brows to keep up with today´s trends. If you have had brows microbladed in the past and do not love their shape anymore then we can help you. Reversing bad brows is possible, speak to a member of our friendly team in the salon who will be able to give you options.

Microblading is popular because it allows you to forget about your eyebrows instead of having to pencil them in every day. Make an appointment by calling into the salon or call us on 07943 388272, we look forward to helping you have full natural eyebrows.